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Support African ministry helping prostitutes!

necklacesIf you were at church last Sunday evening you would have heard Porsche Dobinson speak about her amazing experiences over in Africa over the past 9 months. One amazing testimony is that of meeting with prostitutes and hearing their stories of how they are unable to stop prostituting because there children rely on the food that can only be bought with the money they earn. It’s heartbreaking to know that their only options are to sell their bodies or starve.

That’s why Porsche and the team in Africa are looking to start a ministry to sell jewellery in order to raise money so that these women can start their own small businesses and earn a living a different way, pulling them out of the darkness they’re in.

Porsche will be selling some jewellery at church over the next two weeks, so please be sure to buy some and help support this great ministry. If you would like to give financially to the ministry please speak directly to Porsche.

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