Sunday Morning Worship

Worship is often thought of as just singing, but it’s so much more than that. It’s our whole lives and how we stand before God.

Though God has created us creative, because we are made in his image and He is creative, and music has a way of touching our souls. So music reaching inside us, touches God’s heart too and draws us into His presence.

We love singing, but we are so aware that God hears our heart, not our voices. There are many great musicians not fit to lead worship. So if you’re looking for perfection, I’m sorry we’ll disappoint, because that’s not our first priority in worship leaders. Having said that, we don’t want to distract anyone from worshipping with cringey musical imperfections! So, it’s a fine balance, we know we don’t always get it right but we long to worship our Lord and Saviour in Spirit and in truth.

We believe that a time of worship needs to be accessible to everyone so we try to incorporate both modern songs and hymns. Although we know it’s not about performance, it’s all about Jesus!

Once a month the band meets together, to spend time worshiping together, learning new songs and praying about where God wants to take the time of worship. These times are open to anyone who wants to get involved in the musical aspect or wants to come to join in the time of worship. We love to see others with a passion for worship and would love to encourage and be encouraged. So all are welcome!