Dr Jobe Martin – Biblical Discipleship Ministries

Event details

  • Friday | 23/08/2019
  • 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Long Marton Village Hall, Long Marton

We are pleased to invite people in the Cumbria area (and beyond) to hear Dr. Jobe Martin, of Biblical Discipleship Ministries, teach three sessions affecting Christians today.

On Saturday August 24th, at Long Marton Hall, Dr. Martin will teach on:

10:30 Biblicaly handling technology and Social Media
13:30 Developing Discernment in a culture of Deception or Biblically handling conflict resolution
13:40 Mrs Jenna Martin – will be encouraging women, daughters, sisters, wives and mums (v. Titus 2:4)
15:00 Teaching Your Children/Grandchildren to Love Jesus

There will also be a bring and share Lunch from 12:00 to 1:20 pm.

Dr Martin has been running Biblical Discipleship ministries for many years, details of which can be found at his website http://biblicaldiscipleship.org. Each family or household will also receive a booklet on Biblically Handling Social Media.

The venue will be at Long Marton Hall, with attendees welcomed with coffee, tea, and doughnuts from 10:00. There is no fee to hear this international speaker, whom I have heard before and can highly recommend. There will also be a kids programme for children to attend while the other talks are in progress. If you would like to come we have space for 30 people, please let me know.