\\ Weekly House Groups

We have various weekly house groups dotted around Penrith. These usually meet on a Tuesday or a Wednesday at 7:30pm. If you’d like to join a house group, please speak to Pastor Graham Emerson for more details.

\\ Soul Disciple

Soul Disciple is known as our young person’s Bible study (open to ages 11 – 18), held every Wednesday evening in Penrith from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Although it is much more than just a Bible study, it’s a community of young people who enjoy getting together and studying God’s word and encouraging one another, as well as playing daft games and just having fun.

We truly believe that individual young people are like candles, and standing alone in a gust of wind they are more likely to go out. So what we want is to get young people together to encourage and support one another as well creating an opportunity to learn together so they can be like a fire, so that when the wind comes, together they can withstand today’s temptations and hardships.

Soul Disciple is open to all and we love inviting new people in, so come join us!

\\ Prayer Group

We know that prayer is the very lifeline of a believer and a church. So as well as encouraging individuals to develop their own personal prayer life and prayer partners/triplets, we also meet together on the last Wednesday of the month for a group prayer meeting. All are welcome, and we encourage you join together with us to seek God and intercede for His church, this town and beyond!